State Mask Mandate

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Once again the State of Illinois has issued a mandate in regard to wearing face masks in public places. Since Plattville Lutheran Church is a public place, we fall under the mandate. We do not wish to exclude people from worship, but out of care and consideration for one another, and to avoid any issues of liability, we are asking all who attend worship services to wear a face mask. We hope that this will be a short-lived mitigation, and that the covid-19 infection rate and the ICU/hospitalization numbers will soon drop to a less threatening level. In the mean time, we will observe the mask mandate. If you choose to not worship in person, please do watch the video of the service that is provided every Sunday on the congregation website, our Facebook page and on YouTube. Thank you for your understanding of this situation and for your continued support of your congregation. With God’s help and our love for one another, we will get through this together.

God bless you all,

Pastor Bret

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