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  1. Ed Thompson

    I was born into and raised in that little church beginning in July 1946. My Parents moved from a farm in Minooka to Yorkville in 1947 just before my next brother Charles was born. Pastor Ostrom was the pastor at the time. I have beautiful fond memories of growing up there. My Grandparents Sadie and Charlie Thompson are buried in the cemetery along with my two little brothers Keith Owen and Phillip Owen Thompson. Many other family members are also interred there. I was looking at the picture of the altar and noticed, in particular, the cross and bible stand along with the candelabras. If those are the same ones, my father and mother dedicated those to the church when we moved to Indianapolis Indiana in 1961. I have sat here with a tear in my eye recalling the memories of that congregation. My earliest memory that I recalled as when we first walked in the women sat on one side and the men on the opposite side. At least may of the older congregants did that. Beginning with my parents, Raymond and Fern Thompson and others began setting with their families in the middle. Not sure why I bring that up but it is a memory. Thank you for posting those pictures. At the age of 73, it amazes me what a few pictures conjure up in one’s mind. I became a Pastor late in life in 2009. As I reflected on my walk with the Lord at that time memories of Plattville Lutheran returned. Thank you. Pastor Ed Thompson.

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