2020 Christmas Eve Service

A Blessed Christmas to all,

A very special service for Christmas Eve has just been published to the Service page at the following link:

Click here for the Services page

The video will also be available on  our Facebook page. The service includes images from in and around the sanctuary, a brass trio, and several Christmas carols. You are invited to read and sing along wherever you may be viewing.   The luminaria which we set out for Christmas Eve will be illuminated for this evening. Feel free to take a drive into the country on this cold night to see a beautiful reminder that on this night the light of  the world was born in Bethlehem.

Thank you for joining us for this worship service.

Have a blessed and merry Christmas,

Pastor Bret


5 Replies to “2020 Christmas Eve Service”

  1. Jeffrey W Gurley

    Merry Christmas. What a moving service. The Reedy family created a wonderful experience with great videography, editing, directing and production. The cast of pastor, organist, choir and brass trio made it memorable. We are looking forward to communing together soon.

  2. Robert Johnson

    Watched your 2020 Christmas Eve Service. A totally awesome job. You provided a wonderful service at a time it was needed during a very unusual Christmas Season. WELL DONE!!

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