The Worship Service and COVID Information for January 24, 2021

Greetings all,

Now that there are vaccines available for covid-19, I have found that information for receiving the vaccine has not necessarily been readily available through local media. The information for expressing interest for vaccinations in Kendall, Grundy, and Will counties is found on their health department web sites. I am providing the web addresses below. Currently, surveys are for persons in class 1a and 1b. Class 1a is primarily health care workers. Class 1b includes persons aged 65 years and older and frontline essential workers (these are defined on the web sites).

Persons in 1a and 1b may fill out the applicable interest survey at the appropriate county web site More information will be made available to you through the email address you provided through the survey.

For those persons not active on the internet, which includes many of our members, I encourage a loved one or friend to act on their behalf and submit the interest survey for them. This could be done in their presence with a smart phone, for instance.  Please consider helping out a friend or loved one who is not connected to the internet.

Please monitor local media sources for updated information about when and how to register for an appointment.  (815) 941-3113  (630) 553-9100   (815) 727-8480

Also, the video of today’s worship service has been published to the Services page under the Media menu at this link:

Click here for the Services page

It will also be available on the congregation  Facebook pages.

Thank you and God bless,

Pastor Bret

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